[Printing-summit] OSDL Desktop Printing Summit --> FSG OpenPrinting Summit: Internet facilities have moved

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmail.com
Tue Aug 1 12:28:12 PDT 2006


as I am now working for FSG the organization of the Printing Summit
which will take place in Lexington in October has moved from OSDL to FSG.

Therefore also also the organization facilities on the internet have
moved. The Wiki page is now available here:


it is MediaWiki again, so you do not need to learn any new markup if you
have already edited the old Wiki page. Please click the link in the
upper-right corner to register for FSG's Wiki.

The mailing list with all subscribers and the full archives has moved to


and you should have gotten the welcome mail for your subscription. It
contains your initial password (you can change it) and instructions to
configure your account. Post to the address

printing-summit at lists.freestandards.org

Only subscribers are allowed to post (to avoid spam), but as you have
gotten this posting you are subscribed.

Everyone who was subscribed on the OSDL desktop_printing mailing list is
now subscribed on this list, so you can continue the discussions from
the old list here, but remember to change the address in the "To:"
header to the new list's one.


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