[Printing-summit] The FSG OpenPrinting User Forums are available now!

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmail.com
Tue Oct 31 06:13:15 PST 2006

[ Resending because I have forgotten all the links ]


as talked about last week on the Printing Summit we have replaced the
user mailing lists of linuxprinting.org by the FSG OpenPrinting User
Forums [1] which are web forums based on the Phorum [2] web forum system.

This way we make it much easier and more attractive for our users to ask
questions and discuss problems of printing with Posix-style operating
systems. Also the search of already existing discussions will be
simplified a lot by this platform. And due to the spam impact being much
lower on web forums than on e-mail, administration of the system will
also get easier.

But note that the implementation of the forum system is not yet
completed. We plan to have a single sign-on for Wiki, forums, and
Bazaar. Until the forums are full integrated for that, you will have to
register at first in the Wiki [3] and then in the forums [4] using the
same user name and password. If you are subscribed in one or of the
mailing lists, please use the same e-mail address for the forum
registration, so that we can later on assign your old mailing list
postings to you.

The user mailing lists will be deactivated (only "printing-user-..."
lists) soon, but the archives will be kept active until they are
converted to forum postings. So you will still be able to browse the
olde list postings. Got to the list info page from [5] and then click
the archives link to get to the list archives.

Please do not post to the mailing lists any more.


[1] http://forums.openprinting.org/index.php?18
[2] http://www.phorum.org/
[3] https://www.freestandards.org/en/Special:Userlogin
[4] http://forums.openprinting.org/login.php?18
[5] http://lists.freestandards.org/mailman/listinfo/

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