[Printing-summit] Is six months too often for large Printing Summits?

Cristian Tibirna tibirna at kde.org
Mon Oct 30 16:03:15 PST 2006

On 27 October 2006 08:01, McDonald, Ira wrote:
> Please send your comments to the mailing list.

IMO yes, it is too often. In my personal situation, the factors that play into 
this are:

- my daywork has 0 to do with KDE/KDEPrint, thus all things KDE have to happen 
at night or during vacations. Consequence, each Summit requires 3 to 5 days 
from my vacations. Twice a year, this would make up to 10 days of a meager 20 
days alotment. Given that I don't only do KDEPrint for KDE (but other 
speaking/conferencing commitments too) this would leave almost no vacation 
time for my family

- my work sometimes requires continuous presence on campus, especially in the 
autumn (I give courses). So, 6 months spaced Summits would mandatorily clash 
with my work obligations each one time out of two.

- as somebody who can't afford to pay for travel/hotel by myself, I have to 
require sponsorship for going to the Summit. In April, it was OSDL which, 
with great kindness, sponsored me 100%. It is difficult (morally) for me to 
require so big expenses *twice* in a year, especially when I know that the 
work time with which I can thank concretely for such great, material help is 
a lean 1h/day work on the code (and sometimes not even this).

Thank you for your attention.

Cristian Tibirna
KDE developer .. tibirna at kde.org .. http://www.kde.org

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