[Printing-summit] Adding slides to the web site/New presentations

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmail.com
Fri Oct 20 02:36:06 PDT 2006


Adding slides to the web site

If you have prepared slides or will do so you can upload them to the 
Summit web site at any time: now, during, or after the Summit.

To do so, proceed as folows:

1. If you do not have an account yet to write to the Wiki pages of the 
Free Standards Group, create one by clicking the link in the upper-right 
corner of any page of the freestandards.org web site. If you have an 
account already, log in.

2. Go to


and fill in the fields. Allowed file formats are PDF and images. So 
generate a PDF file of your presentation before doing the upload.

3. Link your presentation to the entry of your presentation in the 
schedules. Click "Edit" at the top of the section or at the bottom of 
the whole page to edit the Summit web site.

The syntax is as follows:

[[Media:Printing-Summit-Lexington-2006-OPFC.pdf|OPFC Slides]]

The second link shows the title "OPFC Slides" and not the file name.

The file name (after "Media:") is what has been in "Destination file 
name" in the upload form (you can always look it up by clicking on "my 
contributions" in the upper-right corner of the page.

It is also possible to link to files on external web sites ("[URL 
Title]"), but I recommend everyone eho presents slides to upload them 
into the Wiki, so that we will not have lots of dead links when they get 
removed from their original sites.

See the help section of www.mediawiki.org for complete instructions 
about editing the Wiki.

New presentations

If you have a presentation which is not scheduled, suggest it as a topic 
for Wednesday, Add a topic to the topic suggestions of the Wednesday and 
if you have slides, add them to the topic.

See above on how to edit the Wiki and add slides.


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