[Printing-summit] UI Question - choosing from among 7, 000 la nguage tags

peter sikking peter at mmiworks.net
Mon Oct 9 03:22:47 PDT 2006

On 8 Oct 2006, at 19:04, McDonald, Ira wrote:

> Never mind - useful discussion is already happening on the
> IETF Language Tag Registry Update (LTRU) WG list.

OK, I am happy you got some usability or interaction experts
there to help you.

> The 99 localizations in Mac OS-X are irrelevant...

the point was that self-limiting is not limiting enough,
99 is too unwieldy...

> Two pick list examples for the 7,000 ISO 639-3 languages:
> (1) Web browser allowing a user to set "Accept-Language"
>     list (which is weighted), when that user specifically
>     wants ones from any of a set of "unusual" (not top-100)
>     languages.

When I work with software teams I take this as a starting
point, and work with the team until we have something that
makes sense within the whole web browsing experience.

> (2) Librarian searching a database of articles for ones
>     in any of a set of "unusual" languages.

Here I would work from the librarian's workflow to reach
an interaction that would actually support their job.

So the general answer is: it depends. The problem is so
technical and so ugly (7000!), that I know that you simply
have to start at the other end of the equation (the user's end)
in order to get out of this mess.


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