[Printing-summit] UI Question - choosing from among 7, 000 la nguage tags

McDonald, Ira imcdonald at sharplabs.com
Sun Oct 8 10:04:52 PDT 2006

Hi Peter et al,

Never mind - useful discussion is already happening on the
IETF Language Tag Registry Update (LTRU) WG list.

The 99 localizations in Mac OS-X are irrelevant, because
when a document is printed only the language and script
are relevant to render it (the actual full locale isn't).

Two pick list examples for the 7,000 ISO 639-3 languages:

(1) Web browser allowing a user to set "Accept-Language"
    list (which is weighted), when that user specifically
    wants ones from any of a set of "unusual" (not top-100)

(2) Librarian searching a database of articles for ones
    in any of a set of "unusual" languages.

Now - let me note that these new languages are NOT all
edge conditions.  There are many human languages that
have ONLY a new three-character tag in ISO 639-3 and no
two-character tag in ISO 639-2 (e.g., most African and
Native American languages) - many of which have over
20,000,000 speakers.

If I see some relevant conclusions on the IETF Language
Tag Registry Update WG list (they're making progress),
I'll forward it to this list.

By focusing on documents created by the local user,
this Printing Summit list sometimes misses the forest 
for the trees.

- Ira

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> Michael, Ira et al,
> I'm here to help.
> I have read the messages up to now and want to ask Ira the following:
> Name me a practical example where it is necessary and in the
> interest of the user to query the user to select a language
> from a loooooong list.
> That will cut to the chase.
> About the aforementioned self-limiting. I just had a look
> and my OS-X (sorry to curse here) is shipped stock with
> 99 internationalisations (language localisation +
> date/time/number formatting and stuff...).
> That is a) a practical mature example and b) a list too
> long to display in a list or menu. To cut this 99 up I would
> go for selection by continent to avoid the country and
> nationalistic issues.
>      --ps
>          principal user interaction architect
>          man + machine interface works
>          http://mmiworks.net/blog : on interaction architecture

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