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Many vendors (not just Ricoh Lanier) support printing of PDF files, TIFF 
files, etc, without the use of a driver.

I know that prototypes of XPS interpreters have been around for a while. 
We (the printer vendors) can definitely take advantage of formats like 
SVG, and so forth.

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[Printing-summit] opvp

I know this is non-trivial, and probably no hardare
vendor would sponsor such an activity, but as a demo example for
a why (the advantage of) and a how (usable example),
it would be interesting to have a vendor-neutral vector
driver which doesn't require specific hardware.

e.g. a driver that produces SVG, pdf (i.e. like Adobe
Distiller or ghostscript's pdfwrite) or postscript files
from pdf or ps input.

I think hpijs or other PCL6 based printer can certainly
benefit from a PCL6-output vector driver.

One advantage I can think of IJS over opvp is how it communicates
with the "front end" - IJS driver is a separate process sharing
a pair of file descriptors with the renderer process. It is
probably slower than in-process communication like the
shared-object/dll based opvp, but a bit easier to get "right",
and does work under windows. (there are no IJS driver under
windows I know of, other than the example driver, though)


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