[Printing-summit] Today's preparation meeting: Draft for agenda and presentations

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmail.com
Wed Sep 13 07:45:54 PDT 2006


today we have the second preparation phone meeting for the FSG 
OpenPrinting Summit:

Time: 9am pacific, noon eastern, 6pm Europe
Dial-in number: (641) 297-4600
Access code: 1038188#

This time we should talk about the agenda and possible presentations. 
Also we should make suggestions about who will present what.

See a proposed agenda below. You can also give your suggestions here on 
the list.


Here is a proposal for a schedule

The proposed structure is more or less consisting of three levels of at 
first having the different parties to present and discuss their 
requirements, then the presentations/discussion in the different 
development fields and in the end the distribution and assignments of 
the work.

Day one

Linux printing perspectives from manufacturers, distros, and ISV's


Kick off: Till and Ian (1 hour)

Here we will summarize the outcomings of the Atlanta Printing Summit and
also the discussion which happened between the two Summits, especially
what we suggest to put into LSB 3.2 and about providing
distro-independent packages on the FSG OpenPrinting server.

Printer manufacturer round table: (2 hours)

Printer manufacturers present their plans on supporting Linux/Unix,
requirements, and opinions about or standardization and driver hosting

Introduction talk should be given by John Oleinik or David Suffield from
HP, as HP has the most complex driver package (desktop MF devices) and
best support for non-PostScript printers. Also Ricoh should present (Uli
Wehner or George Liu) as they have the best corporate printing support.

After the presentation(s) discussion should follow.

Distro presentation: (1 hour)

Presentation could be done by Johannes Meixner (SuSE), me (Mandriva), or 
Tim Waugh (Red Hat), then discussion.

ISV presentation: (1 hour)

Presentation preferably from Dov Isaacs (isaacs at adobe.com) from Adobe 
but can also be from other Adobe person or from other ISV representative.

Presentation title suggested by Jim:
ISV Requirements for Linux Printing - Adobe Perspective

Day two

Addressing Printing issues

Standards: (2-4 hours)

This is a central subject of this Summit. Presentation should start out 
with the plans for printing in LSB 3.2 and 4.0. Requirements already 
settled on, like directories and driver interfaces, but also possible 
additional subjects like adding CUPS API and/or PAPI/JTAPI, 
foomatic-rip, ...

Possible presenters: Ian or me for LSB, Mike Sweet for CUPS API, Ira
McDonald or Norm Jacobs for PAPI/JTAPI.

Possible presentation by Mike Sweet:
Implementing a CUPS standard in Linux - testing requirements, feature 
enhancements, etc.

Developer tools: (1-2 hours)

LSB Printer DDK (Driver Development Kit) to make 
distribution-independent driver packages, based on the outcome of the 
session about printing in LSB 3.2. Should contain documentation of all 
standards, library headers for IJS, OpenPrinting vector, CUPS(?), ..., 
LSB packaging tools, test suites, ...

LSB Printing SDK (Software Development Kit) for ISVs? What can it
contain currently?

All this should also be documented on the LSB developer network.

Delivery of drivers: (1-2 hours)

Web site merge of linuxprinting.org into FSG OpenPrinting (Presentation
by me).
Especially: Offering distribution-independent printer packages for 
download by the distribution's printer setup tool. So a printer for 
which the distro ships no driver will still work out-of-the-box. 
Discussion with printer manufacturers and distro vendors.

Certification and testing (1-2 hours)

Testing methods for testing of printers against LSB 3.2 distros.
Minimization of test effort without loosing reliable compatibility.
Presentation of the results in the FSG OpenPrinting database (former

Presenter could be someone of the Beijing Testing Center.


There are more subjects we should not forget (perhaps run in 

More reliable rendering process
   - PDF as standard job formats (presentation from XPDF or Poppler
   - GhostScript development: HEAD is GPL, do we still need the ESP GS
     fork? (presenters: Mike Sweet and/or a GhostScript developer)
     Mike Sweet could here talk about the need of the ESP GhostScript.

Asian font printing
   - Someone from Japan or China could present

Printing Dialog
   Presenter: Person from OpenUsability, Portland, Desktop
   Perhaps we can do this as a parallel session again, as on the Atlanta
   Printing Summit.

Day three

We can take over some subjects from day two here, as day two seems to be
rather full.

Action plan:

Project requirements: (1-2 hours)

Which tasks have to be done? What is the most urgent? Development of a
time line.

This will be open discussion. There will be perhaps a presentation
summing up the outcomes of the other two days.

Job assignments: (1-2 hours)

Who should do/implement what? For what should we raise funds? Who would
fund such projects.

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