[Printing-summit] Preparation conference calls, Fees, Registration, Web site update

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmail.com
Thu Aug 24 09:46:40 PDT 2006


here are several updates for the Printing Summit:

Preparation Conference Calls

There will be preparation conference calls for the Printing Summit (as
we had already before the Printing Summit in Atlanta in April). The
calls are scheduled to be every second Wednesday at 9am Pacific, noon
Eastern, and 6 pm Central European time. Dates are August 30, September
13 and 27, and October 11. An additional call on October 18 can be
scheduled if needed.

Agenda for nest Wednesday, August 30 will be mainly logistics, like
answering hotel, travel, catering, and sponsoring questions, type of
preparation materials and so on.

The phone number(s) and access code for the conference calls will be
supplied in a later announcement.

Event Date

As we are having the event together with the PWG face-to-face meeting,
there will be a joint plenary on Thursday, October 26 so the Printing
Summit is going from Monday, October 23 to Thursday, October 26. You are
also invited to participate in a reception on Sunday, October 22.

Conference Fees

As we did not find a catering sponsor there will be a conference fee of
20 USD/day to cover the costs of the catering in the conference room:
snacks and beverages in the morning and afternoon coffee breaks. For
most of you it will be much lower than the total cost raised by hotel
and travel, so it should be no problem to add it to your expense report
at your employer or sponsor.


Registration will be handled by ISTO for both the Printing Summit and
the PWG meeting. As soon as they have set up the registration site, we
will give an appropriate announcement.

Preferred Hotel

It is possible that PWG suggests a preferred hotel (will be announced if
so). It is recommended to take this one, as one can expect cheaper rates
and extra services like for example a shuttle to the event location or
cheap meeting rooms for extra meetings in the evening.

Meeting Rooms for the Printing Summit

I have posted a schedule of the meeting rooms for the Printing Summit
and the PWG meetings on the web site:


According to this we will have one plenary room with 50-60 places for us
from Monday to Wednesday and every day also two breakout rooms with at
least 10 places (not the same rooms every day).

Thanks to Jerry Thrasher from Lexmark for this file.

Coming by plane

It is highly recommended to arrive at Lexington Airport (LEX) as it is
only some minutes to get to Lexington downtown from there. The other two
require between 1.5 and 2 hours of driving through the mountains.


Preferred sponsoring is Travel/Accommodation/Meals/Fee for participants
who do not get reimbursed by their employers, especially the ones who
work on printing-related projects in their spare time. Please contact
the organization team if you want to sponsor.


Web Site Update

Everything announced here is also updated on our Wiki site:


Feel free to post questions here on the list or to ask during the
conference call on the next Wednesday.


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