[Printing-summit] Printer/driver testing and certification

Qin Xie qinxie at bsw.net.cn
Wed Aug 23 18:53:17 PDT 2006

Hi Johannes,

Thank you for sharing the script. I tried many times to visit or download your link, all failed. 
Could you send it to me by the email? 

Thank you



======= 2006-08-21 18:44:23 您在来信中写道:=======

>On Aug 18 17:55 Till Kamppeter wrote (shortened):
>> we should have a common, distribution-independent printer testing
>To test all PPDs which we provide in Suse Linux, I use a
>quick and dirty hacked script (still for CUPS 1.1.x):
>This detects at least PPDs which cannot be used at all for
>printer setup and additionally it detects sometimes errors
>in printer drivers, e.g. a particular driver crashes for some
>particular models on a particular hardware architecture
>(e.g. when the driver is not 64-bit clean).
>> and certification program, so that one can say "This printer works with
>> Linux/any LSB-compliant OS" instead of "This printer works with Red Hat,
>> SuSE, ...".
>I think a valid certificate can only be provided by the printer
>manufacturer because only the manufacturer knows what exactly
>the printer should print (e.g. is it as fast as expected, are
>the colors as expected, does all additional stuff like duplexer,
>trays, CD-prining-unit, and so on work as expected).
>I think when the manufacturer issues a certificate, he wants
>to be really safe that there was no hidden distro-specific stuff
>why it worked for the manufacturer (e.g. a glorious Suse-specific
>last-minute patch which makes a particular driver 64-bit clean ;-)
>Therefore I assume the manufacturer will still test it on more
>than one distro and/or on more than one hardware architecture.
>Nevertheless I think that one dedicated "LSB printer test for CUPS"
>would help the manufacturers a lot.
>> This way it should be assured that when a printer is listed as
>> supported that it simply works.
>What do you have in mind what exactly can be "assured"?
>I assume you don't mean that the question whether it prints as
>expected can be answered by an automated test (i.e. without
>actually using the printer and without actually inspecting
>a real printout) - but what else did you mean?
>Kind Regards
>Johannes Meixner
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