[Printing-summit] [lsb-discuss] Printer/driver testing andcertification

Michael Sweet mike at easysw.com
Tue Aug 22 11:05:35 PDT 2006

Stark, Jens wrote:
> ...
> I would most likely start with  cupstestppd, maybe extend it to test 
> PPDs. The permutation of ALL options in one PPD would create a lot of 
> print jobs. Would you want to test them all ?

You can use the CUPS PPD API to loop through all of the possible
(i.e. non-conflicting) combinations of options, however for the
purposes of automated testing I think it would be much better to
provide a program/script that can be customized by the vendor for
their products, and then define the minimum testing required for
level of conformance.

For example, you may need different print files for each media size,
and to test some finishing options you need documents formatted a
particular way with a certain number of pages.  The LSB can come up
with standard test documents that cover the common use cases (I would
recommend providing them as PDF files - then you can view and print
the same file on multiple platforms), and then the vendor can
configure the test program/script for their particular device to
test all of the valid combinations for each document.

That's essentially what we've done with the test script in the CUPS
DDK - look in the "test" subdirectory for the runtests.sh
script and the PostScript documents we use...

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