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Stark, Jens Jens.Stark at seeg.sharp-eu.com
Tue Aug 22 08:47:03 PDT 2006

Till wrote:

>Having standard option names would be a good idea. Then an automatic
>test only needs to look for these and go through their choices.

Correct in principle. However, a lot of PPDs is developed without Linux/CUP=
S in mind, then used for it. As long as Adobe does not decree option names,=
 I see little chance of this happening. Also, what happens with "stuff not =
mentioned by the standard" ? Old PPDs ?

I would most likely start with  cupstestppd, maybe extend it to test PPDs. =
The permutation of ALL options in one PPD would create a lot of print jobs.=
 Would you want to test them all ?
With what would you want to test them ? Print test jobs ? Some of the optio=
ns, like RAM size, do not really change the output.

As an example: An assumed machine might have four normal paper trays, one b=
ypass tray and a LCT (large capacity external tray). It can print in 300, 6=
00 and 1200 DPI. It can staple in two different positions, using one or two=
 staples. Under certain circumstances, it can also staple for brochures. Th=
e device prints simplex and duplex (book or calendar). Plus it comes with a=
 postbox finisher with 20 bins, can print black/white or color, optimise fo=
r quality or speed. (Yes, it possibly has far more options, but let's just =
talk about these so far...)
This gives you : 6 (trays) * 3 (resolution) * 3 (staple positions)* 3 (side=
s) * 20 (finisher bins) * 2 (color) * 2 (quality) =3D 12960 possible combin=
ations. =

Nobody will want to test this.

What COULD be done is providing an original, both as (ps?) source and PDF, =
maybe as sample prints, and ask the tester to provide the settings recommen=
ded for this use case.

(You want photos on plain paper ? Set this to "high" and that to "photo" an=
d the little thingie over there to "plain paper". Business graphics ? The s=
ame, but set the second one to "line graphics".)

Difficult - also difficult to find use cases for things that only a few sys=
tems can do. (Inserter units and finishers come to mind.)

   Jens =


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