[Printing-summit] Printer/driver testing and certification

Stark, Jens Jens.Stark at seeg.sharp-eu.com
Tue Aug 22 01:01:36 PDT 2006

Uli wrote: =

> Microsoft for example charges a good bit to "certify" that the drivers we=
 provide do not crash the server\pc =

Mind you, they still do. No idea WHAT they test in WHQL testing, but it doe=
s not make a lot of sense to me.

>One could definitely think of somewhat automated test scenarios that could=
 verify that the >proper commands are included in the printjob. =

>say PJL commands, PCL commands, etc =

Provided we use them :) But basically something QA should do anyhow before =
releasing the driver. The question is if this is a "LSB job".

>(If LSB were to create or provide exisiting standard test documents to us,=
 we could print them in our labs also.) =

An absolute "must". Something like a three page "Dr. Grauert letter" in A4/=
letter could be a minimum requirement for monochrome/office, adding color a=
nd graphics would make it slightly more complicated. Some finishing might b=
e added for top scores...

>print files could be rendered in some fashion to see if what is sent to th=
e printer is correct. =

With PDF samples showing how they should look like, maybe ?

>speeds and feeds are not of much concerns for the OS vendor, that is our r=
esponsibility anyway. =

Feeds MUST work if supplied or optional, but that's something QA should hav=
e checked already.

>LSB coould easily verify if drivers are present in the first place, if ins=
tallers succeed, etc =

Possibly even build and install. Documentation should be there, too.
Some device functions might only be available via closed source utilities -=
 while I believe this to be utterly wrong, this is sometimes the only possi=
ble solution due to legal reasons. But the scope for both open source and c=
losed source functionality should be documented.


(Again, this is a personal opinion. It can and possibly will differ from th=
e position of my employer.) =

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