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i have to agree with you (again)

there needs to be at least one method to configure printing that always 
works. on a CUPS system this could\should be the CUPS web interface.

there can be any number of methods specific to OS\distro\desktop\user 
preference to also do the job.

lpadmin has done a fairly universal job of configuring UNIX lpr....

SMIT has done it's job on AIX
Scoadmin on SCO,

I believe that not only technicians for printer manufacturers, but also 
(and more importantly) system integrators would benefit greatly from a 
universally available method of configuring the print system.

No reason for anybody to be overly difficult about this in CUPS land since 
Mike is doing all the work any way.....

personally i have always liked kprinter, and (kudos to Tim Waugh) Redhat 
now also has a usable printer configurator. Yast seems to work fine every 
time i use it. Mandriva has always done a good job of providing 
distro-specific tools that worked well...

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Re: [Printing-summit] [lsb-discuss] Printer/driver testing 

Johannes wrote (also shortened): 
>> ... it should be one and the same for everybody. 
>In the free software world this will never ever happen because 
>if it happens somewhere for a longer time, this part can no longer 
>belong to the free software world (otherwise it would have evolved). 
>Instead of demanding "be one and the same for everybody" 
>there must be reasonable specifications (e.g. LSB) so that 
>something can be used the same way (but it must not "be the same"). 
Agreed. But would it be unreasonable to expect distributions not to break 
the CUPS web interface ? For Willie the End User with his printer 
connected via USB, the printer is the minor issue. He will be able to 
setup his printer using the distro supplied maintenance/setup/config tool 
(Which differ without a REAL need to. Same (worse) in the Unix world - 
think of the likes of SMIT). 
Enters the service person of a manufacturer of slightly bigger, 
networkable printers/MFPs. This guy can usually repair hardware, knows 
about networks, printing, scanning etc. on mostly Windows, maybe Mac. If 
you are REALLY lucky, he can advise the local admin about issues like SAP 
and mainframe printing, knows how to interact with accounting systems etc. 
He might also know one Linux distro and a flavour of Unix or two. However, 
his background is often hardware-based (a job requiring a lot of skill on 
it's own.). He hasn't got time to work around 20 different versions of 
printer setup, depending on distro flavour. If this guy could rely on the 
CUPS web interface to work, without additional setup, without distro 
specific changes, his job would be MUCH easier. And no, his time is far 
too valuable to RTFM more than once - and it better be a good manual, too. 
Of course, the CUPS interface will evolve over the years. But that is ONE 
So my requirement would basically be : "Whatever tools are offered for 
printer setup/maintenance in a system supporting CUPS, the CUPS web 
interface and the CUPS command line interface must work out of the box and 
provide full functionality.". 
Let me add a second one: "In a system runbning CUPS, all printer 
configuration and setup info must reside within CUPS." 
For manufacturers, GNOME or KDE is not the question. (FVWM, anyone ?) 
But for their support staff, it is critical to have ONE reliable 
interface, especially if it already exists. 
(And any time spent on distro wars should better be spent on making the 
life of users easier.) 
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