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Mon Aug 21 07:28:03 PDT 2006

Klaus Singvogel wrote (seriously shortened) :) :

>Anyway, SUSE had the experience that users don't want to take care
>about security. They just want to use the software, but never want to
>think about setting up high security fences at their small bastions in
>the internet. They want all features and definitly no restriction. But
>on the other side: in case of a doubt our customers are directly
>connected to the internet, and no firewall nor any other wall is
>between them and the attacker for protection.

It is the customer's right to be stupid :)


>So, which position should a distribution take? The full-usability one,
>or the security oriented one?

Both extremes are unlikely to work. Giving the customer a clearly visible c=
hoice might be the way out. :)

>Sure, it's up the distro. But I don't understand, why a large company,
>such as Sharp is telling SUSE now, that we should weaken the system
>for the sake of our customers. Instead we say: customer if you want to
>configure this different, it's up to you, but also accept the

SHARP is not telling you anything - I am. =

Please note that I only represent myself in this discussion (which I forgot=
 to mention after my first post - sorry, my auto-disclaimer is on the OTHER=
 mail account... Will attach it on this one :) )
I will not speculate about the official corporate point of view. I could po=
ssibly find out, but we want to get over with this quickly, right ? :)

>Finally a word about the education, and suggestions regarding
>information providing:

>- SUSE had enough information about these enable features in the
>release notes (in the past), but it seemed that people didn't read.

Precisely. People do not usually read release notes unless absolutely neces=

>- SUSE is providing these information via the public available
>support database (aka. sdb), but it seemed that people didn't read.

Even if they do, this is happening AFTER the problem occurs. (Also, they ne=
ed Internet access.) We agree that it is easily fixable - we just argue abo=
ut when and how to tell people about the problem. Anything that justifies a=
 mention on the CUPS.ORG home page confuses enough people to be somewhat in=
 need of correction - even if the original intention might have been good. =

>- This topic recently comes up at the cups newsserver, and can be found
>via search function (or google), but it seemed that people didn't read.

See above.

>And now your telling us, that people need more information about
>enabled security features. gna.

Not "more". Just "at the right place, in time."
You break something, even for a reason, you make sure people learn about it=
 somewhere in context. =

For a solution please see below.

>What did we wrong or did we miss providing these information, except
>the fact that people insist to ignore our provided data?

Wrong place, wrong time for it. Johannes found a perfect solution - just to=
o late.


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