[Printing-summit] Printer/driver testing and certification

Johannes Meixner jsmeix at suse.de
Mon Aug 21 03:44:23 PDT 2006


On Aug 18 17:55 Till Kamppeter wrote (shortened):
> we should have a common, distribution-independent printer testing

To test all PPDs which we provide in Suse Linux, I use a
quick and dirty hacked script (still for CUPS 1.1.x):

This detects at least PPDs which cannot be used at all for
printer setup and additionally it detects sometimes errors
in printer drivers, e.g. a particular driver crashes for some
particular models on a particular hardware architecture
(e.g. when the driver is not 64-bit clean).

> and certification program, so that one can say "This printer works with
> Linux/any LSB-compliant OS" instead of "This printer works with Red Hat,
> SuSE, ...".

I think a valid certificate can only be provided by the printer
manufacturer because only the manufacturer knows what exactly
the printer should print (e.g. is it as fast as expected, are
the colors as expected, does all additional stuff like duplexer,
trays, CD-prining-unit, and so on work as expected).

I think when the manufacturer issues a certificate, he wants
to be really safe that there was no hidden distro-specific stuff
why it worked for the manufacturer (e.g. a glorious Suse-specific
last-minute patch which makes a particular driver 64-bit clean ;-)
Therefore I assume the manufacturer will still test it on more
than one distro and/or on more than one hardware architecture.
Nevertheless I think that one dedicated "LSB printer test for CUPS"
would help the manufacturers a lot.

> This way it should be assured that when a printer is listed as
> supported that it simply works.

What do you have in mind what exactly can be "assured"?
I assume you don't mean that the question whether it prints as
expected can be answered by an automated test (i.e. without
actually using the printer and without actually inspecting
a real printout) - but what else did you mean?

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Johannes Meixner
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