[Printing-summit] [lsb-discuss] Printer/driver testing andcertification

Johannes Meixner jsmeix at suse.de
Mon Aug 21 03:19:20 PDT 2006


On Aug 21 09:58 Stark, Jens wrote (shortened):
> >> "All LSB certified printer drivers will work on all LSB certified  
> >> distros"
> - CUPS working out of the box ...
> No major changes, no "we know better than Mike Sweet how this is
> supposed to work", no "oh, let's invent yet another GUI and make
> things soo much simpler for the user". Again, the ability to run
> CUPS without having to look at the specifics of certain distributions.

If CUPS works in a LSB-compliant way on a LSB certified distro
(I know this is future), there are no longer such problems.
It would work o.k. on any such CUPS system.

Of course this means that a LSB standard for CUPS must be sufficiently
exact to avoid too many distro-specific special cases.

> ... it should be one and the same for everybody.

In the free software world this will never ever happen because
if it happens somewhere for a longer time, this part can no longer
belong to the free software world (otherwise it would have evolved).

E.g. the CUPS 1.1.x -> 1.2 evolution would be impossible because it is
no longer "the same" - in particular any change in the appearance
of the web-interface (e.g. printer setup workflow) would be impossible.

Instead of demanding "be one and the same for everybody"
there must be reasonable specifications (e.g. LSB) so that
something can be used the same way (but it must not "be the same").

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