[Printing-summit] What are the most common small-office printers?

Ulrich Wehner uwehner at lanier.com
Fri Aug 11 06:35:22 PDT 2006


what kind of testing do you have in mind?

we do not sell our printers through the retail channels....

However, they are quite common in any size office. 

we do make printer based products, copier based products, and fax based 
products. Anywhere from 15 ppm to 156 ppm...

If you like, we might let you come visit and play with all our printers.

Our Technology Center in Atlanta could facilitate any kind of 
certification, verification, interoperability test.

let me know what you think

Uli Wehner
Solutions Engineer
(770) 493 2324

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[Printing-summit] What are the most common small-office printers?

I hope this is an appropriate list to ask this question.

I'm setting up a small local lab with a half-dozen small-office
printers, mainly for interoperability checks. One suggestion was to get
a good mix of technology, age, and manufacturers, but I can't find any
data on which printers are the most common. If anyone has any data,
please let me know. Otherwise, I'll just select what's available at the
local office store and I don't know if that will be a proper sample.


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