[Desktop_printing] OpenPrinting Vector rpc questions

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmx.net
Sun Jul 2 05:33:11 PDT 2006

[ Posting on mailing lists hoping that some OpenPrinting Vector guys
  listen and help. ]

Fujinaka, Todd wrote:
> I'm trying to understand the rpc. I can't remember if you can actually
> register functions when using rpc. How does one use the OPV API over
> rpc? Would there be a .x file included? I may be thinking about the
> wrong type of rpc.

I do not know whether they really use RPC.

The API contains a certain set of functions. In the driver you can
define these functions but you do not need to define all of them. The
more you define, the more high-level operations GhostScript can use when
rendering the job. When GhostScript initializes the driver, it gets a
list of which functions are actually implemented in the driver. For this
list see the driver template code. There is a place where you can enter
"null" for the functions which you did not implement.

> Also, the code you contributed appears to be GPL, so that means you
> can't link to the rpc client code if you are not GPL-compliant? If it's
> all GPL, why not just use the regular glue library?

I have simply downloaded the sample implementation and added some file
from CVS. I did not modify the licenses in any file. When you loook into
the C source files it lloks like that they have some BSD or MIT kind of
license. It seems that the COPYING file was added in error.

Anyone else here on the list can help Todd with his questions? Thanks.


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