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John Cherry cherry at osdl.org
Thu Jun 8 15:44:48 PDT 2006

In the OSCON timeframe (July 24-28), OSDL will be conducting an open
drivers conference at OSDL for open drivers.  While the general focus of
the conference is to address program managers and line managers of
software developers with the legal, business, and management principles
around open source kernel drivers, many of the principles apply to open
source user level drivers as well.

One area that may be of particular interest is the linuxprinting.org
model of driver development.  That is, a central driver repository with
many hardware vendors providing drivers and many Linux distributions
drawing from the repository.

If there is any interest in attending or presenting at this conference,
let me know and I will put you in touch with the conference organizer.

If there are program managers or first line managers of software
developers in your company that would benefit from understanding the
legal, business and management aspects of open source driver
development, they should contact Craig Thomas (craiger at osdl.org) so that
we can get them on the invitation list.


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