[Desktop_printing] Printing Summit in Lexington -- Settling on the Date (Oct. 24-25?)

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmx.net
Fri May 26 12:17:53 PDT 2006


to start off the organization of the next Printing Summit we should
settle on the days when it should take place.

We are piggy-backing on the series of printing events of IEEE P2600 and
PWG in the week from October 23-27:

Mon-Tue 23-24 October
- IEEE P2600 - printing security

Wed 25 October
- TCG (members only) - hardware security for printing

Thu-Fri 26-27 October

Most probably there are intersections in the participant groups of the
Printing Summit and of the PWG meeting, so it is in general a better
idea to run the Printing Summit in the beginning of that week. We should
also make a direct connection to the PWG meeting by letting the Printing
Summit end on Wednesday, so people can take both events with only one
time travelling and without a day off inbetween. So we could settle on
Tuesday and Wednesday, 24-25 of October, and in case of needing more
time we can think about taking the Monday, too.



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