[Desktop_printing] Trying out sample implementation of japanese OpenPrinting efforts

TORATANI Yasumasa toratani.yasumasa at canon.co.jp
Sun May 14 19:49:53 PDT 2006


We really appreciate your trying out and make the patch for the impletemtation
code to adapt to the latest CUPS 1.2 and GCC, etc.

On Sat, 13 May 2006 23:24:58 +0200
Till Kamppeter <till.kamppeter at gmx.net> wrote:

> Oi,
> I have tried to compile and install the japanese OpenPrinting package from
> http://lx1.avasys.jp/OpenPrintingProject/index_e.html
> File:
> http://lx1.avasys.jp/OpenPrintingProject/openprinting-jp-0.1.3.tar.gz
> My box is a Mandriva 2006 with CUPS updated to 1.2.0 (backported
> Mandriva Cooker RPM) ESP GhostScript updated to 8.15.2 (also backported
> Mandriva Cooker RPM) and gcc 4.0.1 (standard in Mandriva 2006).
> To make it working I had to do some modifications, I have put them
> together in the attached patch. This is to adapt the code to CUPS 1.2
> and gcc 4.0.1.
> Normally code written to compile with CUPS 1.1.x should also work with
> CUPS 1.2.x, but this is only the case if the code uses the CUPS 1.1.x
> API correctly, which was not always the case here. The patched code
> should work with both CUPS 1.1.x and 1.2.x.
> Then I had to re-run the autotools and after that all compiled nicely. I
> did not compile the OPVP glue code, as the package contains only the
> code for old GhostScript versions and I have ESP GhostScript 8.15.2
> which contains already the newest OPVP glue code.
> I have run the following commands:
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> tar -xvzf openprinting-jp-0.1.3.tar.gz
> cd openprinting-jp-0.1.3
> patch -p1 < ../openprinting-jp-0.1.3-gcc4-cups1.2.patch
> libtoolize --force
> gettextize -f
> aclocal -I m4
> automake
> autoconf
> ./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc
> make
> make DESTDIR=`pwd`/tmp install
> su -c 'make install'
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Can someone of the japanese people who have the actual printers test
> whether the patched code works?

Sure, We are ready to do the testing.
I'll ask Mihara-san from FUJI XEROX Printing Systems and Kitayama-san
from EPSON Avasys to test their printers, and I'll also test our printer.

> Is there already some more up-to-date code somewhere?

You can see the latest infomation of Japan side implementation activity.

And the latest code are stored at;
The code in the CVS are divided into several modules.

> Is there also vector driver code for monochrome HP LaserJets (either
> PCL5+HPGL2 or PCL6) to test? I would like to see the printing speed of
> these devices with a vector driver.

Okay, I'll ask on the mailing list of Japan side.

> What is the european equivalent of the Espon PX V700?

I'll also ask on the mailing list.

> Is there anything Canon-specific in the "pstocanonopvp" CUPS GhostScript
> wrapper filter? Or can it be used as a generic wrapper to use the
> OpenPrinting vector interface?

This code was not written by Canon people, so, I'm not sure it's depends
on Canon specific, I'll check it soon.

Software Engineering Dept.22
Platform Technology Development Headquarters, CANON INC.

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