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That very same question was asked on the printing summit and it comes
down to a choice between a de facto standard and an open standard. Note
that when you use PAPI you will probably still use CUPS behind it, it's
a question about which API you target, not which spooler you use. Given
that Linux distributions are very concerned about their ability to
innovate it seems to me that an open standard is a better choice than
one that ties them down to one particular implementation. But instead of
speculating about that it's probably better to listen what the various
people on the desktop_printing list that work for distributions have to
say about the topic.

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>This looks like a reasonable start. My main comment is that we won't
>include anything in the LSB that's not already included in the major
>Linux distributions (Red Hat, Novell/SUSE, Debian, etc.) That would
>seem to rule out PAPI and some of the other OpenPrinting standards,
>though if we can clearly articulate *why* the distros should adopt
>standards, we'd be happy to advocate on their behalf with the distro
>vendors. (Note that PAPI in particular will be a tough sell, as the
>major Linux distros have more or less all standardized on CUPS already,
>so it's not clear what problem PAPI solves from their point of view.)
>On 4/20/06, Till Kamppeter <till.kamppeter at gmx.net> wrote:
>> Oi,
>> Ira, as you asked for on the phone on Wednesday I give my suggestions
>> The best would be that a distro to be LSB-certified requires all FSG
>> OpenPrinting standards to be implemented and included: JTAPI, PAPI,
>> OpenPrinting vector, ... (and also a PDF-based printing workflow)
>> But as long as "apt-get install libjtapi-dev" tells me that the
>> does not exist, I think we will not be able to make LSB requiring
>> So I urgently suggest to FSG OpenPrinting to apply as a mentor
>> organization on the Google Summer of Code 2006
>> (http://code.google.com/soc/, deadline May 1st, 17:00 pacific). This
>> we can perhaps achieve our goal on a later LSB version.
>> For currently existing software I suggest the following requirements
>> (Ira, probably you will not like this, but somehow we have to start
>> - CUPS 1.2.0 or newer with
>>    o Either standard paths (/etc/cups, /usr/lib/cups,
>>      ...)
>>         OR
>>      cups-config in the main CUPS package (not in -devel) for path
>>      auto-detection
>>    o Working web interface (no blocking like in Ubuntu, or Digest
>>      Authentification like in SuSE)
>> - Foomatic (current CVS of all sub-packages or newer) with
>>    o Standard paths (/usr/share/foomatic, /usr/bin, ...)
>>    o On-the-fly building of PPDs with CUPS 1.2 (I added this feature
>>      the CVS yesterday)
>> - GhostScript (ex. current SVN rev of ESP GS or newer) with
>>    o Standard program and font paths
>>    o At least the ijs, cups, opvp, pswrite, and pdfwrite
>>      devices (opvp is OpenPrinting Vector, already available on
>>      Subversion of ESP GS)
>> - KDE with
>>    o CUPS support (compiled against libcups)
>>    o Patched/fixed to smoothly work with CUPS 1.2 in standard
>>      configuration
>> - GTK/GNOME with
>>    o newest libgtk/Cairo with the new printing support and
>>      dialog
>> - General
>>    o All KDE and GNOME applications and also OpenOffice.org have to
>>      feature a printing dialog which gives access to all printers and
>>      PPD options. Better even if Firefox and Thunderbird fulfill
>>      too.
>> WDYT?
>>    Till
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