[Desktop_printing] Re: pdf/xps document viewers & annotations

Derek B. Noonburg derekn at foolabs.com
Wed Apr 19 13:44:59 PDT 2006

On 11 Apr, Hin-Tak Leung wrote:
> Hi,
> Since we are on the topic of document viewers, maybe I could ask
> a personal question: is any of the ghostscript or the xpdf based
> viewers going to support pdfmark text annotations? i.e. mouse events
> to display additional info which aren't on paper?
> I know neither xpdf-based nor ghostscript-based viewer currently does
> it, so only acrobat reader supports this pdf feature AFAIK.
> (it is actually a feature I need for my day-job - so I might actually look
> into doing it).

That's on my list of things to work on in Xpdf, but I don't know when it
will actually get done.

- Derek

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