[Desktop_printing] CUPS 1.2 will have snmp printer discovery backand :-)

Johannes Meixner jsmeix at suse.de
Wed Apr 19 05:38:55 PDT 2006


On Apr 19 07:20 Michael Sweet wrote:
> Till Kamppeter wrote:
> > ...
> > If you consider the web interface not secure enough, do not remove or
> > disable it, add "Encryption Required" to the /admin and /admin/conf
> > locations in /etc/cups/cupsd.conf and the user is automatically lead
> > into https mode before he enters the root password of his print server.
> This is actually the default in CUPS 1.2 - the DefaultEncryption
> setting kicks in whenever authentication is required, so unless you
> explicitly disable it there is no way to authenticate in 1.2 without
> encryption...

Together with the automated redirect to a "https" URL
to make those browsers happy which don't support upgrading
to TLS within HTTP, the CUPS 1.2 web frontend looks really
sufficiently secure (but I am no security expert).

By the way:
Regarding upgrading to TLS within HTTP see for example
Some time ago I tested Konqueror and it also didn't support
upgrading to TLS within HTTP.

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