[Desktop_printing] CUPS 1.2 will have snmp printer discovery backand :-)

Ulrich Wehner uwehner at lanier.com
Tue Apr 18 19:57:52 PDT 2006

Kurt, (and Mike of course)

excellent. i shall test it as soon as i am back from my trip to new 

I feel that we are getting a LOT closer to making printing in Linux EASY.

next step would be status and autoconfiguration of the accessories in the 

then an accounting module that looks at the actual counters.... 

oh, and, of course, don't forget the locally connected guys....

but, as i said at the OSDL printing summit, this makes me happy!

Uli Wehner
Solutions Engineer

Kurt Pfeifle <k1pfeifle at gmx.net> 
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[Desktop_printing] CUPS 1.2 will have snmp printer discovery    backand 


I'm pleased to see that Mike has (as promised at the summit), about 
1 hour ago, added to CUPS-SVN an SNMP printer discovery backend  :-)
A man page is also there, and the web frontend has a reference page

So all those of us who have SNMP-capable printers in our LANs should
compile the newest CUPS checkout if possible (or use Till's Mandriva
RPMs as I'm sure he will soon have ready) and give it a spin.

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