[Desktop_printing] Is this just a linux initiative?

Ulrich Wehner uwehner at lanier.com
Mon Apr 17 14:13:31 PDT 2006

Waldo, Mark,

I believe there is no reason why the BSDs should not benefit\participate. 
Considering that our devices actually run on a heavily "optimized" version 
of BSD.  Also, i personally really like Desktop BSD....

I remember putting a card with "EASY" on the whiteboard at the summit. It 
read: make it EASY for us to support you!

BSD with CUPS is already making it easy for me to support it.

I understand that there are all kinds of nostalgic reasons to keep using 
lpr, or system V, or LPRng. However, it is a lot easier for me to support 
CUPS than anything else. (Oh, and yes we do support all the other ones... 

Uli Wehner
Solutions Engineer

"Bastian, Waldo" <waldo.bastian at intel.com> 
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RE: [Desktop_printing] Is this just a linux initiative?

Yes, even though the focus is on Linux it was recognized at the Printing
Summit that cross platform support plays a very important role. Any kind
of standardisation that we can extend to as many possible platforms just
makes such a standard more attractive for printer manufacturers to
support and creates a more favourable return on investment for them. So
your participation is very much appreciated.

Waldo Bastian
Linux Client Architect - Client Linux Foundation Technology
Channel Platform Solutions Group
Intel Corporation - http://www.intel.com/go/linux
OSDL DTL Tech Board Chairman

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>Hi all,
>I was just wondering if you are planning to consider the BSD's in your
>This mainly affects the low level stuff like the drivers as cups, kde
>allready platform independent.
>If you are considering the BSD's then i would be happy to help in any
way i
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