[Desktop_printing] thanks; little request; photos

Cristian Tibirna tibirna at kde.org
Sun Apr 16 18:59:31 PDT 2006


I would like to thank to all participants at the Summit for the excellent 
three days I had in your company. Organization (hotel, dinners, 
transportation) was exquisite. Many thanks to the organizers (hello John, 
Uli) and to the sponsors. The contents of the sessions were instructive 
beyond all expectations I had. It is inspiring and encouraging to see such 
spirit of collaboration, between natural competitors, and constructive 
attitude promoted above all. Thank you for a great experience. I would like 
to thank to Paul Danbold for providing me with transport from the Lanier 
Center to the airport on the 12th, in a very Apple-like way: reliable, most 
usable and perfectly optimal (at the expense of his own too long waiting ;-).

Please consider to post here urls to blog entries, public reports and notes 
about the Summit. This will help increase the cross linking, thus helping 
make better known the great work done in Atlanta. I will start:


I made a few tens of photos (as you have surely remarked, as I was quite 
irritating with my flash). I won't publish them without consent, as in my 
experience most people don't like to have their photos on the 'net. Please 
ask for photos if you'd like to have some.

Thanks again.

Cristian Tibirna
KDE developer .. tibirna at kde.org .. http://www.kde.org

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