[Desktop_printing] OSDL printing summit: I have arrived at Marriott

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmx.net
Sun Apr 9 10:04:52 PDT 2006

Robert L Krawitz wrote:
> I'll be arriving tonight -- my flight gets in at 8:30, I should be at
> the hotel around 9:30?

Sunday evening reception is 7pm, perhaps it is over at 9:30pm, but
perhaps still some people are there.

> I don't remember what time we're supposed to meet tomorrow for the
> shuttle over to Lanier -- will that all be posted somewhere?

Shuttle from the hotel to Lanier is 7:30am all three days, car sharing
will be around 8:20am all three days in the entrance hall of the hotel.
At least Uli Wehner and George Liu will have big cars, probably several
of the others will also have a rented car.



for full schedules and logistics info.


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