[Desktop_printing] Arriving Saturday afternoon/evening in Atlanta...

Kurt Pfeifle k1pfeifle at gmx.net
Fri Apr 7 13:15:33 PDT 2006


I'm arriving in Atlanta on Saturday late afternoon (my scheduled 
landing of flight Delta #117 from Stuttgart is 3:30 PM).

I haven't checked with the Marriot for my reservation, but after
all the affirmative responses when other people asked about it 
I'm pretty sure I'll not need to take to the nearest bridge :-)

So if anyone is already there on Saturday (or Sunday) and feels
like going to lunch or dinner, give me a ring:


(I'm hoping that I can make the tri-band mobile to work that a
friend loaned to me so I can phone while in the US). I won't 
go to "tourist" sorta sightseeing, though -- I've got pretty
much to do otherwise (just hoping internetworking will work 
from the hotel room).


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