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sounds like a plan already!

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On Apr 3 10:15 Michael Sweet wrote (shortened):
> Johannes Meixner wrote:
> >  What about "cups-config --version"?
> Only available if the user has installed the corresponding
> -devel package (at least on Linux)

Because of a manufacturer driver which installs into wrong
directories on 64-bit platform (AMD 64) we moved cups-config
to the base CUPS library package (for Suse Linux 10.1).

(I know that there is a discussion what the right directories
are for 64-bit platforms but regardless of this topic,
cups-config shows the right directory even if it is a
non-standard directory.)

> > > 3. It requires each vendor to develop their own setup
> > >    applications,
> > 
> > Yes, this is a crucial point of the idea.
> > But I didn't mean a big-and-fat arbitrary-printer setup application.
> > I have something like a bash-script in mind.
> > Only the manufacturer knows what exactly he needs to set up
> > his one particular printer model.
> > With this knowledge he can make a setup script which tests all
> > what is needed and therefoere which will not show any user dialog
> > except for fatal error messages after which the tool must exit.
> > Then only a very generic message-popup with an [ok] button
> > (e.g. "xmessage" if X is running) is sufficient.
> A script would be good, but I'd still like to give the manufacturers
> something standard to work with (e.g. template or script that can
> adapt based on files/configuration info) to make is easier and less
> error prone.

After we finally got the next Suse Linux version finished,
I will make such a script as a simple first thing to start with
based upon the Suse distribution.

I will make it public available and then together with the CUPS
people, the other distributors and the manufacturers we can
enhance it step by step to get finally script which could
(hopefully) work for any manufacturer and for any distributor
and for any printing software project (e.g. Gutenprint).

During this process we will detect many litte obstacles
which lead to the known annoyance for the end-users and
when we solve them step by step, we can get a common standard
how to set up a printer which is not just a nice wish of a
usability-expert but something which is tested that it works.

Kind Regards
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