AW: [Desktop_printing] Role of CUPS and error handling

Craig Bradney cbradney at
Mon Apr 3 23:57:50 PDT 2006

> Or Pagemaker, as I used way back when :-) But it would feel very
> strange to me that Scribus, say, would allow you access to curves that
> are part of the printer driver while wouldn't.

O.. the right word.. :) Very interesting thread here. It might be an 
interesting point to note (if I haven't already missed it in the thread...) 
that maybe an application wants or needs to supply an application specific 
tab or, in general, another set of options, to the user when printing.

Consider our print dialog.. in a quick look comparing to *random office app 
also installed*.. ie KWord and Writer, our dialog adds:

* Print Normal/Separations
* Postscript level selection, which at the moment passes PS3 level code 
through GhostScript to get to Level 1 or 2 if selected, but we have pure 
Level 2 generation from the document coded and working in the Windows build 
(as well as GDI/GDI+).
* Our Preview button takes us to our Preview window that allows antialiasing 
options, transparency display, under colour removal, cmyk display and N level 
of separations.
* Option to mirror pages H&V
* Clipping to page margins
* Under Colour Removal
* Conversion of Spots to Process Colours
* Application of ICC Profiles
* Options, which leads to a full list of the CUPS exposed PPD options.

Anyway, thought I'd throw that in the mix. I know Andreas Vox from out team 
will be at the printing summit and keen to discuss all this stuff in 

Craig Bradney
Scribus Team

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