AW: [Desktop_printing] Role of CUPS and error handling

Robert L Krawitz rlk at
Mon Apr 3 17:21:06 PDT 2006

   Date: Tue, 04 Apr 2006 00:38:15 +1000
   From: Graeme Gill <graeme at>

   Michael Sweet wrote:
   > Robert L Krawitz wrote:

   >> I see it differently: we need to figure out how to allow the user to
   >> switch between the simple and advanced dialogs and make it easy and
   >> obvious for the user to do so.
   > You want to essentially put a manual color profiler in every
   > application without having the requirements or use cases to back
   > it up.  *If* we can define these things, we'll have a much better
   > chance of coming up with something that will work.  Otherwise,
   > you'll just end up with something that works for a small subset
   > of the whole (users, drivers, etc.)

   Only a very small number of users will have the expertise and
   patience to manually adjust calibration curves. By all means
   provide a mechanism to supply calibration curve files along with
   ICC profiles, but widespread use of non-manufacturer supplied
   calibration, will depend on user accessible tools to generate the
   calibration curves programmatically with some sort of instrument
   (be it a spectrometer, densitometer, or scanner.)

In the case of Gutenprint, there are two "manufacturers" -- the
multinational corporations that build the hardware, and the handful of
folks exiled into their basements to hack on this stuff out of site of
their more respectable family members :-)  Sometimes we get
adjustments contributed back by our users.

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