AW: [Desktop_printing] Role of CUPS and error handling

Bastian, Waldo waldo.bastian at
Fri Mar 31 12:11:59 PST 2006

>On Mar 30 12:32 Ulrich Wehner wrote (shortened):
>> most people know how to set up a printer under windows
>Of course:
>Insert the printer manufacturer driver CD and follow the instructions.
>Where are the printer manufacturer driver CDs for Linux?

I think that's a very good question that I would like to hear answers on
at the printing summit. I suspect that the answer from many vendors will
be that it is very difficult to write drivers for Linux that work out of
the box across different distributions, and if that is indeed the case
then I think that we should use the Printing Summit to start addressing
that problem. LSB today offers great standards to start from, can we
identify the additional missing pieces that would be needed to provide
printer manufacturers with a set of APIs that they can rely on when
providing their Linux drivers?


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