[Desktop_printing] Detailed Agenda for the Printing Summit -- Forth Proposal

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmx.net
Thu Mar 30 05:55:12 PST 2006


Here is the newest state of the agenda and some remarks:

Main agenda changes

- Modified title of Mike Sweet's presentation on Tuesday morning from
  "Multi-Language PPDs" to "CUPS Driver Development Kit"

- Modified the Tuesday morning session to a "Driver Panel" instead of
  having scheduled 10-minutes presentations

- Added speaker names to the printer testing session on Wednesday,

- Moved Monday morning talks of japanese FSG OP to Tuesday evening phone
  meeting, moved KDE and GNOME into the time which got free by this (no
  working lunch needed any more)

- Changed speaker of OP vector as driver modularization method Tuesday

- Updated Tuesday evening phone conference presentations. All sessions
  which have somehow to do with FSG OP Japan are moved into the phone
  conference now.

- Suggested subjects for breakout sessions

- Added (suggested) moderators for the topics

- Replaced "Report out from breakout sessions" by "Breakout Session

- Fixed AM/PM mess on Tuesday and Wednesday

Participants in Kyoto, Japan

Participants on the Kyoto satellite of the Printing Summit (phone
conference Tuesday Evening):

Mihara (Fuji Xerox Printing Systems), Otani (Axe), Toratani (Canon),
Yamagishi (Turbolinux), Ide (Seiko Epson), Kitayama (Epson Avasys),
Kanjyo (BBR), Maruyama (Ricoh), Owa (Fuji Xerox), Shida (Canon)

Breakout sessions

For the breakout sessions there are two rooms in addition to the plenary
room. The plenary room will be without tables, the extra rooms with tables.

One of the two extra rooms is permanently occupied by the paper

This means that during the breakout sessions we can divide up into two
groups when we let the paper prototyping/usability continue or in three
groups when we interrupt paper prototyping/usability for the two hours
of breakout. In the latter case we could also get KDE/GNOME/app people
into breakouts about FSG/OP, CUPS or so. So I suggest interrupting paper
prototyping/usability during the breakouts. WDYT?

In the agenda below I have made suggestions for breakout sessions based
on the topics of that day including the evening phone conference on
Tuesday, yesterday's FSG OP Printing Architecture telecon, and a
suggestion of Robert Krawitz on the mailing list.

More suggestions for breakout topics are welcome and breakout topics are
also subject to change on today's telecon and Monday's brainstorming

If you are interested in participating in breakout sessions which will
happen in parallel, please tell, so we could reschedule them.

Moderators for the Sessions

I have added first suggestions for the session moderators to the Agenda.
Still missing are moderators for the GhostScript driver modularization
Tuesday in the morning and for the Tuesday evening telecon session.
Suggestions are welcome.

For the breakout rooms we will also need mederators, but lets determine
the topics first.

Today's Telecon and Daylight Saving Time in Europe

If you are calling in from Europe today, please note that Europe has
already switched to Daylight Saving Time (Summer time, Sommerzeit) last
weekend and the US will switch only next weekend. So the telecon is one
hour later for Europeans, at 7pm (19:00).

Still open questions

- Moderator(s) for Tuesday evening phone meeting

- Moderator for GhostScript modulatization Tuesday morning

- Speaker Portland/freedesktop Monday 1:30 pm

- Speaker OpenUsability.org Monday 1:45pm

- Speaker GNOME Monday 2:15pm

- Speakers KDE/GNOME Usability Monday 3:15pm

- Speaker OP vector as driver modularization method Tuesday morning

- Should we let Paul Tykodi give the presentation he has submitted? I
  think up to now we have no ISV presenting.


MONDAY, April 10

 8:00 AM -  Arrival of Marriott/Lanier Shuttle
         8:00 - Coffee / Setup / Seating / Intros
         8:30 - Opening (Waldo Bastian and Till Kamppeter)
         8:40 - What is OSDL (Waldo Bastian)
         8:50 - Go over the agenda, logistics, etc. - Waldo (OSDL)

 9:00 AM -  Vision for open source printing
        Mod: Tim Waugh

        Printing Organizations
         9:00 - linuxprinting.org overview (Till Kamppeter)
         9:20 - FSG Open Printing Overview (Norm Jacobs)
         9:40 - PWG Overview (Harry Lewis)
        10:00 - Apple MacOS Printing Overview (Paul Danbold)
	10:30 - Break

	Linux Distributors
        10:45 - Distro Panel
			Mandriva printing (Till Kamppeter)
        		Debian printing (Henrique de Moraes)
        		Redhat printing (Tim Waugh)

        11:30 - Open Discussion - vision for Linux printing

12:00 PM -  Lunch

 1:00 PM -  It should just work - Consistent Methods
        Mod: Ira McDonald
         1:00 - FSG OP PAPI (Norm Jacobs)
         1:15 - FSG OP JTAPI (Claudia Alimpich)
         1:30 - Portland/freedesktop - Overview and Printing (????)
         1:45 - OpenUsability.org (????)
         2:00 - KDE (Cristian Tibirna)
         2:15 - GNOME (????)
	 2:30 - Break

 3:00 PM -  Usability - printing dialog paper prototype session
        Mod: Kurt Pfeifle
         3:00 - Intro to Paper Prototyping (Ellen Reitmayr)
         3:15 - KDE Usability (Cristian Tibirna, Kurt Pfeifle, or ????)
         3:30 - GNOME Usability (????)
         3:45 - Printing Dialogs in Applications
                Scribus (P. Linnell)
		Open Office (Kay Ramme)
		Equitrac (Tom Haapanen)
         4:15 - Summary of Paper Prototyping Objective (Ellen Reitmayr)

 4:30 PM -  Brainstorming/Priorities
        Mod: Till Kamppeter
         Everyone writes down most important problems on small papers.
         We post thenm on the board and then everyone can vote by
         sticking points onto the postings (as on DA Meeting in December
         2005). Results will determine the focus of the breakout
         sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday.

 5:00 PM -  Daily summary - dial-ins

 6:00 PM -  Dinner

TUESDAY, April 11

 8:00 AM -  Arrival of Marriott/Lanier Shuttle
         8:00 - Coffee / Setup / Seating / Intro
         8:50 - Go over the agenda, logistics, etc. - Waldo (OSDL)

 9:00 AM -  Hardware Support
        Mod: George Liu or Ulrich Wehner
         9:00 - Driver Panel
                - Intro: Current Driver Chaos and Organizing them on
                  linuxprinting.org (Till Kamppeter)
                - GhostScript (GhostScript people)
                - HP Linux Printing and Imaging (John Oleinik)
                - Ricoh Family and OEM (George Liu or Ulrich Wehner)
                - Gutenprint (Robert Krawitz)
                - If the Manufacturer does not Cooperate ... (Hin-Tak
                - CUPS Driver Development Kit (Mike Sweet)
                - Plug'n'Print/Auto-Install (Distro people: Till
                  Kamppeter (Printerdrake), ...; Cristian Tibirna
                  (KDE), Mike Sweet (CUPS))
        10:30 - Open discussion
        10:45 - Break

11:00 PM -  Modularizing built-in GhostScript drivers
         Mod: ????
           - GhostScript's built-in printer and file format drivers
                (GhostScript people)
           - IJS (David Suffield and/or GhostScript people)
           - CUPS raster (Mike Sweet)
           - OpenPrinting vector (Mike Sweet or one of the US OP people
             or someone of GhostScript)
           - Open discussion

12:00 PM -  Lunch

 1:00 PM -  OpenPrinting.org implementation
        Mod: Mike Sweet
         1:00 - FSG OP PAPI Implementation (Norm Jacobs)
         1:15 - FSG OP JTAPI Implementation (Claudia Alimpich)
	 (more on OpenPrinting.org implementation in evening call)

 1:30 PM -  CUPS 1.2 integration
        Mod: Mike Sweet
         1:30 - CUPS 1.2: Overview, What's New, ... (Mike Sweet)
         2:00 - Special options (Robert Krawitz), GhostScript,
                OpenPrinting PAPI/JTAPI conformance (FSG OP people), ...
         2:30 - Integration with CUPS (Mike Sweet), KDE, GNOME, apps
	 3:00 - Break

 3:30 PM -  Breakout sessions for focus areas (2-3 concurrent sessions)
           - PWG and FSG OpenPrinting implementation
           - CUPS 1.2 integration
           - Printer drivers
           - Gutenprint

 4:30 PM -  Breakout Session Results
           - Session 1
           - Session 2
           - Paper prototyping session

 5:00 PM -  Daily summary - dial-ins

 6:00 PM -  Dinner

 8:00 PM -  Conference call (FSG OP) with Kyoto
        Mod: ???? (Atlanta), ???? (Kyoto)
         8:00 - FSG OP Vector Driver API (Mihara Kentaro)
         8:15 - FSG OP Print Channel Manager API (Ide Kentaro)
         8:30 - FSG OP Print Status Monitoring API (FSG OP Asia/Japan
                team member)
         8:45 - FSG OP Implementation (FSG OP Asia/Japan team members)
                    Vector Driver, Status Monitoring, PDF Renderer
         9:15 - Open discussion (including CUPS 1.2 conformance, etc.,)


 8:00 AM -  Arrival of Marriott/Lanier Shuttle
         8:00 - Coffee / Setup / Seating
         8:50 - Go over the agenda, logistics, etc. - Waldo (OSDL)

 9:00 AM -  Transition of job transfer format (PostScript to PDF)
        Mod: Till Kamppeter
         9:00 - Intro: Why is PDF better? (Till Kamppeter and/or Mike
         9:15 - PDF use in Mac OS X (Mike Sweet or Paul Danbold)
         9:30 - Free software PDF interpreters: XPDF, Poppler,
                GhostScript, and generators: GhostScript,Scribus,
                OpenOffice.org, ...
        10:15 - Open discussion
        10:45 - Break

11:00 AM -  Breakout sessions for focus areas (2-3 concurrent sessions)
           - PWG and FSG OpenPrinting implementation
           - PDF as job file transfer format
           - CUPS 1.2 integration

12:00 PM -  Lunch

 1:00 PM - Breakout Session Results
           Session 1
           Session 2

 1:30 PM -  Printer Testing, Issues, and Certification
        Mod: Waldo Bastian
         1:30 - Intro (Till Kamppeter)
         1:40 - Printer Testing/Certification Project Beijing (Someone
                from Beijing Project)
         2:15 - Testing Method, Distro-Independent (Open discussion)
         2:30 - linuxprinting.org as Central Database for
                Testing/Certification Results? (Open discussion)
         2:45 - Break

 3:00 PM - Paper Prototyping Results

 3:30 PM -  Summary/wrapup - dial-ins
           Top focus areas
           Action items
           Next meeting(s)

 6:00 PM - Dinner

 8:00 PM - Optional working sessions

I hope I have changed everything which was proposed in the last days.
Comments, suggestions, and bug reports are welcome here on the list and
in today's telecon.


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