[Desktop_printing] Printing Summit agenda and schedule

Takaaki Higuchi Takaaki.Higuchi at Sun.COM
Thu Mar 30 05:13:43 PST 2006

Hi, Till,

I think Shida-san just took a wrong approach :-)

While Mihara-san and Ide-san cannot attend this meeting
physically, Till misunderstood to describe Ide-san can attend
in your previous agenda.

I will attend physically, though I'm not in charge of
these in deep. So we'd like to move these sessions
into the phone call in the night one, and do presentations
remotely from Japan. Then, Mihara and Ide will be able
to answer technical questions by the phone.

There's no new agenda request from us. So please just move
Vector/PCM sessions to the night one.

thanks in advance,
Takaaki Higuchi

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