[Desktop_printing] Proposal for the breakout sessions/Agenda fixes

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmx.net
Wed Mar 29 14:23:02 PST 2006

Breakout Sessions

There are two breakout sessions, one on Tuesday afternoon after all the
plenary sessions and one on Wednesday right before lunch.

We have talked about them in the phone meeting of the FSG OpenPrinting
Printing Architecture group which we finished now.

--> Please comment on my/our suggestions and make also your own
suggestions, especially if

- the subject you are most interested in is not covered.
- you are interested in two or mor subjects covered in parallel rooms.
- there is no room interesting for you in one of the two sessions.

I think we should have such meetings, as not everyone is interested in

There should be 2 or 3 rooms in each of the sessions.

One subject could be done in the plenary room, but this could lead to
some people to simply stay and in the end they are not interested in
this subject. So perhaps all breakouts are done in seperate rooms and no
program is happening in the plenary room that time.

Suggested Subjects:


  - PWG and FSG OpenPrinting implementation: People from printer
    manufacturers, KDE/GNOME, apps, ISVs can talk more deeply about
    how to implement their software making use of the new standards

  - CUPS 1.2 integration

  - Printer drivers


  - PWG and FSG OpenPrinting implementation: Like Tuesday but more
    focused in the topics of Tuesday evening telecon with Japan.

  - PDF as job file transfer format: Deeper discussion of the subject
    from the morning.

  - CUPS 1.2 integration (if there are two many conflicts when doing
    this on Tuesday)

Independent of this paper prototyping/usability will continue in a
separate room (Uli, George, do we have enough rooms?).

Improvement Suggestions for the Agenda

>From Ira:

We should replace the titles of Tue 4:30pm and Wed 1:00pm

   Report out from breakout sessions


   Breakout Session Results

This is better english and matches with Wed 3:00pm:

   Paper Prototyping Results


On Wednesday some AM and PM are wrong (or will it go over night?).


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