AW: [Desktop_printing] Role of CUPS and error handling

Johannes Meixner jsmeix at
Wed Mar 29 03:59:25 PST 2006


On Mar 29 06:25 Michael Sweet wrote (shortened):
> how about asking the user when they install SuSE for the
> print administrator password

We discussed this but unfortunately it was rejected.

If I remember correctly the reason was that when using YaST
to set up a printer, no "lppasswd" stuff is needed and
therefore it was considered by our usability experts
to be confusing for the user when YaST requests all users
by default to specify a CUPS admin password because this
may look as if no printer can be configured without it.
Unfortunately non-trivial stuff in YaST must be hidden from
the "normal" user e.g. via an "advanced" -> "expert" sub-menue
to avoid that any "normal" users might become confused.
We could have buried a CUPS admin password dialog in such an
sub-menue in YaST but then even I would not find it ;-)

Looks like a perfect trilemma[TM]:
- on the one hand the CUPS defaults
- on the other hand our security policy
- on the third hand our usability experts
and all seem to contradict with each other :-(

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