AW: [Desktop_printing] Role of CUPS and error handling

Michael Sweet mike at
Wed Mar 29 03:25:18 PST 2006

Johannes Meixner wrote:
> Hello,
> On Mar 27 10:09 Michael Sweet wrote (shortened):
>> The main issue is that, out of the box, SuSE's web interface can't
>> work because there is no lppasswd set.
> Out of the box the cupsd must meet our general security policy.
> We have a perfect dilemma:
> You demand your defaults and we demand our general security policy
> but both contradict each other.

Um, how about asking the user when they install SuSE for the
print administrator password (IIRC you already help them setup
their first printer?)

>>> On the other hand we really did something which is different
>>> than the original CUPS 1.1.x: Our "preauth_security" patch,
>>> see "Generalized Functionality for BrowseAllow and BrowseDeny" in
>>> I expected several complaints and problems here (in particular
>>> because one cannot switch off the "preauth_security" patch)
>>> but here everything is quiet.
>> Probably because those changes are less likely to cause problems
>> for a typical environment.  However, requiring someone to use
>> "BrowseAllow foo" to allow connections from "foo" is not intuitive,
>> so I'll bet there are some enterprise-class users that are not
>> able to use the SuSE CUPS packages because of this...
> I wrote "here everything is quiet" and I meant it ("here" means
> that I didn't get a complaint or problem report from any of our
> customers).
> Perhaps you (or others) got complaints or problem reports from
> our customers and then it is another example of what I wrote:
> -----------------------------------------------------------------
> I would really like to know what goes on out there why some
> of our users don't even try to use YaST or lpadmin or read our
> documentation or use our support stuff but instead they seem
> to waste their energy and bother others with their problems.

If the answer isn't in front of them, many users assume it is not

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