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Tue Mar 28 07:06:14 PST 2006

Jens, and everybody else :)

glad to see that somebody opened this can of worms... ;)

printcost accounting is a HUGE topic, most of it is done on a printserver 
or via desktop clients, have not seen anything good that does it in 
peer-to-peer networked environment without a desktop client (major install 
hassle) while still providing centralized accounting.

authentication is huge, too

dumbing down interfaces  is IMHO not the way to do things, simplify, 
optimize, guide, automate....


SNMP is enterprise standard for detection and management of networked 
printers (and other devices).

while i personally like new stuff, like mDNS, Zeroconf, Bonjour, network 
printers have a pretty long shelf life in user environment. Tools that 
discover only 10 percent of the fleet are useless....

Our customers require that our printers support Bluetooth, Bonjour, SNMP, 
Pingsweep discovery, etc, they want them to support Novell NDS, NDPS, SMB, 
LPR, Socket,  direct printing, wireless, gigabit, parallel, PCL PS IPDS 
AFP ASCII, IPP, encryption, authentication LDAP, LDAPs,  you name it. 

Clearly our printers have to support it all, clearly the Linux printsystem 
needs to do it all - and well!

Auto discovery: personally i do not think that the ability to autodiscover 
networked printers is an actual problem. If a Network Admin does not want 
you to use printers peer-to-peer but rather via print server (Cost 
accounting, management etc) they can keep you from finding them, or from 
using them after you find them.

(lock down permissions on workstations, user codes on devices, blocked 
protocols on routers, Access Control lists, etc)

I am a peer-to-peer guy, i am god on all my machines (UNIX, Linux, MacOSX, 
and Windows). Auto discovery of the Local and networked devices is coming 
on strong, regardless of protocol used. Driver deployment models, 
management, cost recovery and so forth just have to keep up.

enough of my ramblings, i will talk to many of you at the Summit, i might 
even spring for beer

Uli Wehner
Solutions Engineer
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