[Desktop_printing] Detailed Agenda for the Printing Summit -- Third Proposal

Robert L Krawitz rlk at alum.mit.edu
Mon Mar 27 17:17:36 PST 2006

   From: "McDonald, Ira" <imcdonald at sharplabs.com>
   Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2006 11:25:53 -0800

   Till Kamppeter wrote on 27 March at 10:44 AM:
   > What do you think about having a "Driver Panel" instead of 10-minute
   > talks on Tuesday morning? More or less like this:
   >          9:00 - Drive panel:
   >                   - Intro: Current Driver Chaos and Organizing them on
   >                     linuxprinting.org (Till Kamppeter)
   >                   - GhostScript (GhostScript people)
   >                   - HP Linux Printing and Imaging (John Oleinik)
   >                   - Ricoh Family and OEM (George Liu or Ulrich Wehner)
   >                   - Gutenprint (Robert Krawitz)
   >                   - If the Manufacturer does not Cooperate 
   > ... (Hin-Tak
   >                     Leung)
   >                   - CUPS DDK (Michael Sweet)
   >                   - Plug'n'Print/Auto-Install (Distro people? Till
   >                     Kamppeter (Printerdrake)? Cristian Tibirna (KDE)?)
   >         10:30 - Open discussion
   >         10:45 - Break
   > WDYT about replacing 10-minute-talk sessions by "Panels" in general?
   > I have also updated the title of Mike Sweets part from "Multi-Language
   > PPDs" to "CUPS DDK".

   I think the "Driver Panel" discussion makes much more sense.  Many
   ten-minute presentations back-to-back will simply push the whole
   Tuesday schedule into the weeds.

Agreed.  I'm working on a presentation, and I'm happy to hand it out,
but I can't cover all of my issues in 10 minutes.  All of these topics
are interesting (and relevant), but I suspect that we really need more
than just a couple of hours (although maybe not in plenary).

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