[Desktop_printing] Proposal for a more detailed agenda

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmx.net
Mon Mar 27 08:24:01 PST 2006

Sorry for the late answer, but your mail was blocked by a spam filter
and I have been on two conferences last week.

Yes, we did not determine yet, who presents on the testing session.

I would suggest the following:

 1:30 AM -  Printer Testing, Issues, and Certification
         1:30 - Intro (Till Kamppeter)
         1:40 - Printer Testing/Certification Project Beijing (Someone
                from Beijing Project)
         2:15 - Testing Method, Distro-Independent (Open discussion)
         2:30 - linuxprinting.org as Central Database for
                Testing/Certification Results? (Open discussion)
         2:45 - Break

I will give a short intro on the subject and then one of you reports
about your testing methods and results. Then we will have open
discussions on distro-independent testing and certification methods and
on centralizing results on linuxprinting.org.

WDYT? Any comments from the list?


P. S. Qingqing, note also that the newest agendas has 30 instead of 15

heqq wrote:
> Hi Till:
>         I'm Qingqing from BSTQC.I think there only 15 mins,from 2:15 to 2:30 for us to release our print testing result right? I want to know who will speak "Testing Method, Distro-Independent"?and about "linuxprinting.org as Central Database for Testing/Certification Results?".This agenda let me muddle now. 
>         cheers
>                                                                                                                                                         Qingqing

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