AW: [Desktop_printing] Role of CUPS and error handling

Johannes Meixner jsmeix at
Fri Mar 24 04:26:30 PST 2006


On Mar 23 18:14 Stark, Jens wrote (shortened):
> The major issue with CUPS interfaces is that there is more than one.

I assume you mean user-frontends to set up queues for CUPS?

> SUSE didn't handle this too nice.

What exactly is wrong?
Do you mean the problems when cupsd runs as lp?
If yes, please read
it is all explained there in detail.
Choose what you prefer (choose exactly one):
[ ] cupsd runs by default but not as root (which requires lppasswd)
[ ] no cupsd running by default at all
Note that it is about a general company security policy
and not about what a few printing guys may think.

> Others have their own interfaces, instead of just using
> or replicating the CUPS web interface or agreeing

What exactly is wrong with which interface?

As far as I understand this discussion, it is about to agree
on a common standard but obviously any standard is ignored
when the common standard requires stuff which is not acceptable
by the policies or design guidelines or whatever guidelines
of the various parties (CUPS, the Linux distributors, KDE, Gnome).

By the way:
What about printer manufacturers and common standards?

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