[Desktop_printing] RE: OSDL Printing Summit agenda (SM, Vector, and PCM)

John Cherry cherry at osdl.org
Wed Mar 22 15:49:40 PST 2006

On Tue, 2006-03-21 at 18:58 -0800, McDonald, Ira wrote:
> Hi Till,
> Some presenters to be corrected in latest agenda (16 March).

For the intro sessions on Monday...

         1:00 - FSG OP PAPI (Norm Jacobs)
         1:15 - FSG OP JTAPI (Claudia Alimpich)
         1:30 - FSG OP Vector Driver API (Mihara)
         1:45 - FSG OP Print Channel Manager API (Ide Kentaro)

Since Mihara-san and Ide-san will not be physically present, would it be
possible for Norm and/or Claudia to present their material?

John Cherry
Initiative Manager

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