[Desktop_printing] Reminder: Printing Summit Conference Call

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmx.net
Thu Mar 16 13:34:44 PST 2006

Michael Sweet wrote:
> Till Kamppeter wrote:
>> ...
>> We have moved the driver modularizing from Wednesday to here, to get all
>> driver stuff together. CUPS DDK really fits better here than
>> multi-language PPDs. I think it makes sense to talk about the DDK here.
> Good, I'll include a demo with my presentation...


>> I can do so, most impressive it would get if someone could bring a
>> multi-function device from HP with fax (Dave, Shiyun). Everything it
>> will work in seconds after plugging it in. But also the Lanier devices
>> will do nice Plug'n'Print (but without SANE setuo for their scanners).
> I'll actually be driving down, so I can bring a few printers along
> with the two notebook computers I plan on bringing.

Great would be:

- An HP multi-function device with USB, ethernet, photo-capable
  full-bleed inkjet, duplex, fax, card reader, and combined flatbed/ADF
  scanner (for my demo).

- An Epson multi-function device with printer, scanner, and card reader
  (for testing with libusb-based CUPS USB backend)

- Epson high-end photo inkjet supported by Gutenprint

- Dye-sublimation printer supported by Gutenprint

Please anyone on the list here, make your suggestions. Note that
High-end laser multi-function devices are not needed, we will have
plenty of them from Lanier.

>> We have reordered all this. See the new schedule which will be
>> soon posted.
> Looking forward to it!

Is out now.

>> Need of option types not served by Adobe's PPDs, like numeric, curves,
>> ...
> That is something I can cover in the CUPS 1.2 presentation or
> pull to present separately for this period.



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