[Desktop_printing] Reminder: Printing Summit Conference Call

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmx.net
Thu Mar 16 12:45:30 PST 2006

Michael Sweet wrote:
> [I've been a bit busy lately...  Comments in-line...]

Thank you for your suggestions, we have talked about them on the phone
meeting and could take at least a part of them into account.

Unfortunately, we cannot sort the presentations by person to make
everyone only presenting once. It is much more productive to schedule
the topics by task, for example all driver issues on Tuesday in the
morning. So it is inevitable that some people do more than one presentation.

> I'll try to call in tomorrow, but IMHO this schedule is *too* full.  We
> easily have 5 days worth of material here crammed into 2 days, with a
> semi-leisurely third day.

We have tried to improve the schedules, nut on the Wednesday it must be
taken into account that some people who live not far away (east coast,
max. 2 hours by flight) are only leaving for home on Wednesday 4pm or 5pm.

In Japan will also be held some kind of satellite Printing Summit when
we have Tuesday evening. Important japanese printing people will meet in
Kyoto in a conference room and we connect with them by phone and video.
The presentations of the japanese group of FSG OpenPrinting will be
moved to there. So the japanese developerd (who have actually coded this
stuff) will participate in the discussion. This frees also some space on
Tuesday during the day.

>> MONDAY, April 10
>> ----------------
>>  9:00 AM -  Vision for open source printing
>>          9:00 - linuxprinting.org overview (Till Kamppeter)
>>          9:20 - FSG Open Printing Overview (Norm Jacobs)
>>          9:40 - PWG Overview (Harry Lewis)
>>         10:00 - Apple MacOS Printing Overview (Paul Danbold)
>>         10:20 - Roundtable - printing organizations / roles (Moderator)
>>         10:40 - Mandriva printing (Till Kamppeter)
>>         10:55 - Debian printing (Henrique de Moraes)
>>         11:10 - Redhat printing (Tim Waugh)
>>         11:25 - Roundtable - vision for Linux printing
> I'm thinking that you only need 1 roundtable (Q&A?) session, and can
> make the first one a scheduled break.  Three hours is a long time to
> go without a break...

We have inserted lots of breaks throughout all the three days. We have
also removed the expression "roundtable" and replaced it by "open

> Also, I'd recommend keeping the distro-specific printing discussions
> short and to the point - what software and drivers are included,
> configuration changes specific to distro, and goals/emphasis placed
> on printing for that distribution.

We have put them together to one compact session and we take care that
not everyone says "We use CUPS and Foomatic ...", distro people should
stress the specialities of their distros in printing, planned
improvemnts, wishes (as distro-independent driver packages, ...),
cooperation plans, ...

>>          2:30 - KDE
>>          2:45 - GNOME
> Again, a break is needed.  I'd suggest a 10 minute break at 2:30,
> followed by the KDE and GNOME sessions.

Break inserted, KDE and GNOME moved to working lunch.

>>  9:00 AM -  Hardware Support
>>          9:00 - Intro: Current Driver Chaos and Organizing them on
>>                 linuxprinting.org (Till Kamppeter)
> Till, I know that linuxprinting.org is basically your baby, but
> perhaps you should focus on Foomatic here, not linuxprinting.org
> (you can cover that in your Monday morning presentation, right?)

Yes, this one will tell about Foomatic, the database with printers and
drivers, PPD generator and foomatic-rip.

Monday's linuxprinting.org session will be more an overview, like this one:


>>          9:55 - If the Manufacturer does not Cooperate ... (Hin-Tak
>>                 Leung)
>>         10:05 - Multi-Language PPDs (Michael Sweet)
> I'd prefer to do a short presentation of the CUPS DDK here, and
> then cover multi-language PPDs in the CUPS 1.2 session.

We have moved the driver modularizing from Wednesday to here, to get all
driver stuff together. CUPS DDK really fits better here than
multi-language PPDs. I think it makes sense to talk about the DDK here.

>>         10:15 - Plug'n'Print/Auto-Install (Distro people? Till
>>                 Kamppeter (Printerdrake)? Cristian Tibirna (KDE)?)
> Perhaps a demo?

I can do so, most impressive it would get if someone could bring a
multi-function device from HP with fax (Dave, Shiyun). Everything it
will work in seconds after plugging it in. But also the Lanier devices
will do nice Plug'n'Print (but without SANE setuo for their scanners).

>>         10:30 - Round table
> Break, then round table.


>> 11:00 AM -  CUPS 1.2 integration
>>         11:00 - CUPS 1.2: Overview, What's New, ... (Mike Sweet)
>>         11:25 - Special options (Robert Krawitz), GhostScript,
>>                 OpenPrinting conformance (OP people), ...
>>         11:?? - Round table
> Given the scope of the changes in CUPS 1.2 and my feeling that most
> of the attendees will not have had seen it, I'd like a little more
> time for my presentation.  I can use the time to demo the major new
> features as I do the presentation...

We have reordered all this. See the new schedule which will be soon posted.

> What is the purpose of the "Special options" topic?

Need of option types not served by Adobe's PPDs, like numeric, curves, ...

>>          2:00 - FSG OP Print Channel Manager Implementation (Ide
>> Kentaro)
>>          2:15 - Integration with CUPS (Mike Sweet), KDE, GNOME, apps
>>                 ...
> This should probably either be part of my CUPS 1.2 presentation
> or be on day 1 with the other Linux distro presentations.  My
> preference is to keep all of the CUPS stuff together.

We have put it together now. See our improved schedules.

>>  3:00 PM -  Printer Testing, Issues, and Certification
>>          3:00 - Intro
>>          3:15 - Printer Testing/Certification Project Beijing
>>          3:30 - Testing Method, Distro-Independent
>>          3:45 - linuxprinting.org as Central Database for
>>                 Testing/Certification Results?
> I'd like to include a slide or two on the cups.org page...
> The cups.org site has its own printer driver page specifically for
> PPDs that work with CUPS.  It is setup to be self-maintaining,
> i.e. vendors can upload/update their own PPDs via the web page,
> and validates PPDs before they are accepted into the database.

Yes, we should bring this in.


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