[Desktop_printing] Proposal for a more detailed agenda II

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmx.net
Tue Mar 14 02:41:49 PST 2006


and here is my proposal for Wednesday:


 8:00 AM -  Arrival of Marriott/Lanier Shuttle
         8:00 - Coffee / Setup / Seating
         8:50 - Go over the agenda, logistics, etc. - Waldo (OSDL)

 9:00 AM -  Transition of job transfer format (PostScript to PDF)
         9:00 - Intro: Why is PDF better? (Till Kamppeter and/or Mike
         9:15 - PDF use in Mac OS X (Mike Sweet or Paul Danbold)
         9:30 - Free software PDF interpreters: XPDF, Poppler,
                GhostScript, and generators: GhostScript,Scribus,
                OpenOffice.org, ...
	10:15 - Round table

11:00 AM -  Working session

12:00 PM -  Lunch

 1:00 PM -  Modularizing built-in GhostScript drivers
         1:00 - GhostScript's built-in printer and file format drivers
                (GhostScript people)
         1:10 - IJS (David Suffield or GhostScript people)
         1:20 - CUPS raster (Mike Sweet)
         1:30 - OpenPrinting vector (OP people)
	 1:40 - Round table

 2:00 PM -  Working session

 3:00 PM -  Summary/wrapup - dial-ins

 4:00 PM -  Optional working sessions


On both days somewhere between 7pm (= 9am Japan) and 11pm (= 1pm Japan)
a 1-hour call-in session for the japanese people who could not make it
to the Printing Summit.


What do you think about this layout?

Who would you suggest as speaker where I did not suggest a speaker?

Are the time frames for the presentations OK?

Too many presentations?

Start earlier to make schedule less tight (AFAIR the shuttle from the
hotel arrives at 8am)?

Note that not all items I have proposed are necessarily talks, but they
can also be discussions (introduced and led by the suggested speaker).

The discussion is goes on ...


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