[Desktop_printing] Date/Time of final OSDL PS planning teleconference?

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmx.net
Fri Mar 10 02:15:03 PST 2006

For me March 16 at 9am pacific (6pm Paris) is OK.

Please do not move the call into the following week, as from March 20-26
I am out of Paris for two conferences in Germany and will not be able to
participate in a conference call. Also my e-mail access is probably limited.


John Cherry wrote:
> On Thu, 2006-03-09 at 13:57 -0800, McDonald, Ira wrote:
>>Please, what will be the date/time of our final OSDL PS
>>planning teleconference.  Yesterday, Till said he thought
>>it was planned for 11am US EST - Thursday 16 March.
> Close.  It will be at noon US EST (9AM pacific).  Nice segue.  I was
> just about to send out the call information.
> Date/time: Thursday, March 16 at 9AM (pacific)
> Toll free: 1-800-211-0633
> Toll: 1-719-867-0485
> Participant code: 942698
> I'll send out a reminder next week, but the agenda items that I know
> will be on the call are:
> - Collect preparation information
> - Determine detailed agenda based on attendance, preparation
>   info, and requested slots
> - Determine moderator(s) and meeting flow
> The preparation templates are on the printing page:
> http://groups.osdl.org/workgroups/dtl/desktop_architects/desktop_printing
> We would everyone that is planning to attend the summit (and some that
> are not attending) to fill out the preparation template.  When
> completed, send them to the printing list.  These will be compiled for
> the summit in printed form.  It would be great to have them by the 16th,
> but we absolutely need to go to press with them by March 28th.

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