[Desktop_printing] Usability: Printing roles, tasks and environments

Michael Sweet mike at easysw.com
Thu Mar 9 05:34:13 PST 2006

Johannes Meixner wrote:
> ...
> I think the solution is to "force" (see below what I mean)
> the user to choose which PPD he wants for the particular queue.
> This means to show all matching PPDs to the user and provide
> some help text regarding the different PPDs and drivers - i.e.
> the well known pro and con regarding PostScript versus PCL,
> or HPIJS versus Gimp-Print/Gutenprint versus old-style Ghostscript
> drivers, or CUPS native driver versus foomatic-rip and so on.
> The PPD which is considered to be "best" for most cases
> is preselected.
 > ...


This is what we are doing in CUPS 1.2.  I think, however, it would
be useful to define standard naming conventions at the 'summit for
drivers, e.g. no suffix ("HP DeskJet 5850") for a standard driver
with basic options and specific suffixes for other drivers like
"(Expert)", "(Extended)", "w/Expert Controls", "for Professionals",
or something like that:

     HP DeskJet 5850 [preselected]
     HP DeskJet 5850 w/Expert Controls
     HP DeskJet 5850 for Professionals
     HP DeskJet 5850 for Proofing

Just including the project name (Foomatic, HPIJS, HPILP, Gutenprint,
etc.) doesn't, IMHO, convey sufficient information for a user to
decide on their own.  We're guilty of this ourselves, of course,
with our "CUPS" and "ESP Print Pro" driver suffixes, but anything
we can do to tell the user what the focus is of a particular driver
will go a long way to help them choose (when there is a choice).

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