[Desktop_printing] Usability: Printing roles, tasks and environments

Kurt Pfeifle k1pfeifle at gmx.net
Wed Mar 8 19:23:10 PST 2006

On Thursday 09 March 2006 01:30, Michael Sweet wrote:
> Kurt Pfeifle wrote:

> > I'll try to bring a current Knoppix, remastered with a working 
> > CUPS-1.2svn with me to the summit, so we can give out copies to
> > people who do not easily compile stuff on their own. No sure 
> > promise, though.
> FWIW, I fully expect 1.2 to be stable by then, so if you do any
> svn builds, they will be 1.3...
> I've put up packages for RHEL4, FC4, and OSX on the CUPS site -
> hopefully that will allow a lot of people to try 1.2 that wouldn't
> otherwise try it...

Oh... you made the first 1.2 Beta release in the meanwhile? Very
nice, very good  --  now we all can make our hands dirty with it :)

> > Also, right now I'm working on a little article that shows how to
> > easily use and tweak your much underrated "make test" build target
> > in CUPS' SVN sources. I think this nifty little option is hardly 
> > known, even amongst Linux printing gurus. And now is the time to 
> > make them jump into the 1.2 waters (with a lifebelt around their 
> > bellies) so they can find the dangerous shoals and undercurrents 
> > *before* you do the first official 1.2.0 release...  ;-)
> Check out the new configuration management plan (which I might just
> re-title to "CUPS Developers Guide") - it goes into more detail about
> all of this... :)

I'm already right in the middle of it...  :-)


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